Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Get Fit 4 Golf proud to announce DVD merchandise sponsors

We are honored by the participation of Adams Golf, Under Armour apparel, ECCO Shoes & Smith Optics in the Get Fit 4 Golf fitness DVD venture. We will begin shooting our first two segments within the next six months. We have agreed to a non-exclusive digital distribution with

Look for more announcements this spring and summer.

Scott Bowman

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Get Fit 4 Golf screen capture courtesy of Brownstone Productions

Monday, February 20, 2006

Exciting News for BTS

Get Fit Ventures is a new
project from Brownstone to
produce various interactive
fitness video products for
specific sports. Working
with Bowman Fitness
Systems, Get Fit Ventures
is in process of producing
their first DVD video

In addition, BTS will be contributing magazine content to Folsom El Dorado Style magazine for 2006 check out Brownstone Productions and the Sierra Style magazine links on the right side bar. 2006 is going to be a big year!

Tuesday, January 31, 2006


To Whom It May Concern:

At age of 48 I needed serious help if I was to be successful in my Quest for a Champions Tour card. I was referred to Scott for golf specific strength and flexibility exercises, to increase my rotation and ease my lower back pain. Not only did Scott evaluate my injuries, needs and goals, he developed a program where he worked with me in building golf strength, he increased my range of motion and flexibility significantly, which has added 10 - 15 yards onto my driving distance. I no longer have flexibility issues and my lower back pain has been reduced to the point that it is no longer an issue.

Golf is a game that needs to be rounded, in that I mean, you need a swing coach, a Physiologist and a sports / golf specific trainer, and the work Scott does on me is as important to my progress as any of the swing gurus.

Gavin Slabbert (

Tight Lies Tour
Champions Tour Q-School 2004

Welcome to Slabsgolf, and thank for visiting. You can follow my quest to get my European Senior Tour card for 2007 here at this site.

I will be continually updating the site with results and stories of what it is like to chase a dream.

July 1, 2004

Letter of Reference

It is my pleasure to offer this letter of reference for Professional Fitness Trainer Scott Bowman. I have known Scott professionally and personally for the past one and a half years. The high standards of Scott’s performance in regards to work product as well as his professional relationships with coworkers and clients are always above paradigm.

Scott Bowman is well respected among his peers and associates as well as highly regarded by friends, family and those in the fitness industry, for his high moral ethics and professional demeanor.

Scott has presented a natural affinity for the fitness field and a specific talent for the personalized attention of his clients, i.e. sports injury, body image, weight management, golf training. Scott combines the latest technology along with nutrition to provide his clientele with a balanced, vital, high-level wellness lifestyle. Scott makes a point of remaining current on the latest health and fitness issues and information by regularly attending conferences and workshops.

I would be happy to elaborate regarding any information or questions you may deem appropriate. If I can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.


Julie A. Oliveira
Interiors By Julie
Owner/Interior Designer
963 Villa Del Sol
El Dorado Hills, CA. 95762
Phone (916) 996-1980
Fax (916) 941-1980

December 17, 2003

To Whom It May Concern:

I was recently referred to Scott Bowman… for the treatment of a chronic low back problem. I am 36 years old have endured low-grade back pain for approximately 10 years, with occasional debilitating flare-ups, which occurred about once a year. My back pain is the result of a congenital disorder.

After working with Scott for several weeks, I was dramatically improved and for the first time in 10 years am generally pain-free. Approximately two months ago I had a flare-up, which was resolved in about two days. In the past, flare-ups would take about 7-10 days to resolve.

Additionally, I am a competitive amateur golfer. Scott developed a crossover plan for the low back work to the golf fitness work, and I have been able to work effectively on the development of my golf related fitness while simultaneously keeping my lower back in great shape and feeling well.

I am a very happy customer and highly recommend Scott Bowman’s low back and golf fitness program. I feel (and am) considerably stronger and no longer consider myself to be a sufferer of chronic back pain. I am further certain that my endurance on the golf course will be considerably improved.


Bill Bunce
2502 Montgomery Place
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762


Scott, I want to express my appreciation for the effectiveness of your strength/stretching program that you offered me. I continue to follow your program 3 times a week. On the off days, I still stretch about 15 to 20 minutes. A few of the benefits that I am realizing are; better flexibility, a stronger core and most gratifying of all, no or very little lower back pain. This includes playing golf, what a difference, without pain in my lower spine. The results are better and more consistent scores in my game.

Thanks and Good Luck in you future

Bob Wilson

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Proof Positive Golf Fitness Works!

06.15.2005 05:53 pm (EST)
PITTSFORD, N.Y. (AP) -- Midway through her 12th winless year on the LPGA Tour, Kim Saiki decided to call it quits.

It turned out to be the best decision of her golf career.
Just weeks after being assured a new job awaited her as a top-drawer golf instructor, the four-time runner-up rode a wave of calmness to a breakthrough victory at the Wegmans Rochester International last June -- and promptly postponed her retirement.

Defending a pro title for the first time this week, Saiki is now bullish about a second win. It's not just peace of mind that has the 39-year-old Californian singing her own praises. A grueling fitness regimen she started last spring added power to finesse, stretching her tee shots beyond 250 yards.

"Physically, you should be at your strongest in your 20s, possibly early 30s, but I'm almost 40 years old and I'm hitting the ball better than I've ever hit it in my life,'' Saiki said.

"Ultimately, I think, golf has become a power sport -- and knowing you have that physical edge over someone'' provides a mental advantage, too, she said. "I mean, look at Annika.''
Luckily for her competitors, Annika Sorenstam is skipping the $1.5 million tournament at the tree-lined Locust Hill Country Club course in Pittsford, a Rochester suburb.
Sorenstam has won 62 times on tour but never here, where the Swede's best finish in four tries was second place in 1996. In her absence, a fresh American crop led by Paula Creamer and Natalie Gulbis will steal the spotlight -- though Saiki aims to grab the glory.

A year ago, Saiki opened with a bogey-free 66 and kept the lead until the final day. And while she briefly fell behind Rosie Jones, she coasted to a four-stroke victory.
It got her game rolling like never before. She picked up a tie for fifth at the State Farm Classic in September and finished 23rd in the rankings with a career-best $490,747.

Encouraging as that was, Saiki is already cutting back to 15 tournaments this year, down from 27 last year, and will depart once she starts a family.
"I'm definitely at the age when I'm thinking of settling down and having children,'' she said. "The traveling can wear on you over the years.''

If she hadn't won here, she'd already be gone.
"I was going to walk away,'' she said, grinning.
All she needed to do was shed the anxiety.
"For some reason, it was just my week,'' Saiki said of last year's victory. "It was the weirdest thing ... and I can't explain it.''
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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The secret of "muscular power"

Power is a function of speed and weight. Too heavy and you move too slow, too light and you may have generated more power with a heavier implement. When it comes to generating power in the body for sport there are two major factors. The first being safety. No one wants to injure themselves participating in the sport they love. The second is control. Ever drive a fast car you could not keep on the road? Not too fun. Great if you can hit the ball further but hitting it further into the woods, water, sand is not so great! The answer to creating a more powerful muscular system resides in strength training. I am not saying you have to be the mini-hercules and lift 500 pounds overhead, what I am saying is that your body has a current "setpoint" this "setpoint" is a limiter on everything you do. Your body will literally turn muscles off if it feels you are violating this limit. For example in the golf swing if you are not able to rotate and extend in the follow thru phase of the swing your body will shorten the swing automatically changing the speed of your downswing through impact to accomodate your limitation. This happens instantaneously below your level of awareness. So what is the secret to weight training that keeps you playing at an optimal level?

As I see is, and I have read many articles suggesting these two major things take place during training. 1. Early increases in strength / power are due to increased "neural drive" that is to say your muscles stay relatively the same but, the nerveous system can now fire the muscle more strongly. 2. Having a consistent program not only strengthens the muscle but, more importantly strengthens the attachment of muscle to bone and bone to bone. With increased strengh in these attachments you are much less likely to injure yourself. You will recover faster if injured and your body will not automatically restrict movement. In turn you will have more fluid power to tap into.

The key then becomes how fast can I train up without hurting myself along the way. That is where a trainer can really help out. On my links bar there is a link to the N.S.C.A. They have on the website a "Trainer locator" if you need to find a well qualified person to work with, I suggest taking a good look here and making some phone calls.


Monday, November 28, 2005

Arizon Hill Climbing Championship

I love working with anyone who has a solid goal in mind. Brian was introduced to me through a good friend of mine who I often road bike with. At the time Brian was having issues with his knees and had never gone through a personalized fitness program with a professional trainer. This photo was taken some time after our work together and he looks great. His knee problem cleared up and his body was stronger as a result. Brian will come see me this Christmas break for a refresher.

Cycling is one of those odd endurance sports where it is difficult to draw a straight line between weight training and benefit. The concensus is the training helps with "muscular efficiency" from first hand experience I would have to agree and add that for us mere mortals, unlike Brian who is a professional cyclist, there is a major benefit to increasing anaerobic threshold and for everyone there is the additional benefit of strengthening tendons and ligaments. The combined effect to any athlete is the prevention and reduction of injury.

Great job Brian!
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